What's In My Backpack?


What type of bag/pack do you travel with?
For independent overland travel, I would very much recommend a backpack with an inbuilt frame.  It is no fun walking with an uncomfortable pack or hauling a suitcase with wheels along gravel roads.  There are also many backpacks that convert to wheeled bags too. Just be mindful of the weight of these bags as the bag itself can weight up to several kilograms before you've even packed away your favourite novel.

When I am moving country and moving home, generally I ship items a few months ahead of time in tea chests.  The more I ship, the more it costs.  I have been fortunate in the past to have inherited an assortment of items from departing expats - including a satellite dish, a lazy boy chair and a set of bed linen, so when I depart I too attempt to rehouse my pre-loved furniture and bric-a-brac. 

How much 'stuff'' do you pack?
The simple answer is that I try to pack as little is possible.  As a solo traveller, I am responsible for lugging my bags on and off trains, planes and automobiles. When I am frequently journeying overland, it is vital that I can independently manage my  luggage. Being able to stow my bag under seats or squish my backpack into overhead compartments is a necessity.  Yes, there are times when I wish I had packed an extra cute pair of shoes and other times when I have regretted leaving an additional item of clothing at home, but on the whole a lighter bag makes for a much happier traveller :-)
Plus one of the fun experiences of travelling and living in other countries is shopping.  
Ideally a full pack would weigh less than 10kg... by the end of the journey it may weigh a little more unless you're willing to discard some of your stuff for items you've purchased along the way.

Which items are most handy when you are travelling?
Consideration of  the climate in my destination ready does affect what I pack. Below 15 degree celcius and I'll add in a coat, thermal socks and my feather down sleeping bag.  

Travelling in lesser developed countries means that I more likely to need to be self-sufficient.  The same applies when travelling on a tiny budget.  Investing in a few essential items at the beginning of my journey usually reaps rewards along the way.  I've listed below my typical supplies. They are readily found in typical outfitting stores or online stores.  

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