Wednesday, 22 February 2012

LONDON - Skint. How to Enjoy a 'Staycation'

So Many Talents... and too much time on my hands

I'm on holiday.  All of Europe is on my door step. It is there to be explored. Instead,  I am having a 'staycation'.  I am not going. This is cool way of saying that a person is either:
 A). too broke to afford a vacation 
B). too knackered to be bothered going anywhere. 

 I'm suffering from a combination of the two.  Self inflicted on point A though as I just forked out quite a large sum of moola this week on some more tickets for the London Olympics.  The London2012 site is a real pain to try and buy stuff from but the Germans have the right attitude with a 'first come, first served policy'. There are quite a few tickets still up for grabs at: .  I've written myself out a wee Olympic schedule and I now have some event to attend every day of the Olympics! awesome.

As for my staycation, well I think I should add amateur chef, interior decorator and wild life photographer to my business card (I just saw the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and love the business card that the father makes up for the main character Oscar).

The soup... wish my blender was sharper it was creamier but oh well.
The still hot biscuits... strange shapes but taste the same
Today's accomplishments include making soup.  Last week I had a box of organic vegetables delivered. I haven't eaten at home for a week so the vegetables were slowly rotting in the box on the floor in my kitchen. I opened the box and found a bunch of onions, courgettes, turnip, vine ripened tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower and something else which I have yet to identify (I had thought they were artichokes but a quick google search proves that they are not).  I am a bit of a scrooge as I don't like throwing stuff away, I instead decided to make a soup. I usually hate soup. I love veges but it seems pointless to add water to them and drink them when you could just drink a nice refreshing glass of water and eat some steamed veges.  Anyway I did some research - well went as far as googling 'tomato soup recipes' and looking in my trustee Edmonds Cookbook, and found it was pretty simple. I adapted both recipes and pretty much did my own thing. I figured it was only vegetables so I couldn't really mess it up or give myself food poisoning.
Here is my recipe:

1. Put in a giant pot a massive quantity of whatever veges you can find.  
2. Cook them ( fried up the onions and capsicum before adding all the other veges).  
3. Add a massive frozen block of chicken  stock that I add made last month (about 1/2 litre). Put the lid on and leave for about 20 min until all the veges are soft.  
4. Put the whole lot in the blender.  
5. Pour everything back into the giant pot and add some garlic - couple of tablespoons, some mixed herbs, 4 bay leaves, some worchester sauce and about 1/2 cup of bolognaise sauce as I like tomatoes and didn't really have enough to make this taste more like tomatoes. 
6.  Boil it all up. 
7. Cook some USA biscuits.  
8. Put soup in bowl and biscuits on plate. Plonk yourself down in front on tv to watch your favourite daytime tv (my choice today was Antique Roadshow) and eat your creations.

My 2nd  accomplishment today was to frame some pictures that I had.  I bought 2 display frames from Habitat and put the pictures in. The elephant photos were taken near Jaipur of a painting on a wall. I messed around with Photoscape and made them mono-chrome then changed the tint on them.  I need to rearrange them to get them all aligned but the idea of how I want them to look is there.

The sun light poster was in a book of art that I picked up.  It makes me smile!

And my third accomplishment for the day was hanging a new bird feeder that I picked up in a store in Hove yesterday.  I have my doubts that birds would actually be interested in the thing but it does look pretty hanging from a bush/tree in the middle of my lawn.  I did see a bird on a nearby branch checking it all out.  I wonder if the green mesh bag is off-putting?  I wonder if the family of squirrels will also have a go at it?

There are still 6 more hours in the day so who knows what feats I shall accomplish before the days end? haha.  Laundry? dishes? yawn.

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