Sunday, 5 February 2012

A NOT SO AWESOME MISTAKE - A tale of what not to do with a credit card

I have this crazy laundry machine that is a dual washer and drier... no idea how it washes clothes and then dries them.  Anyway, I went to rescue my jeans between the two cycles (jeans dried in the drier are awful and stiff) and found my debit card stuck to the glass window of the front loader :-(  It seems I had left it in my pocket after the quick trip to the store yesterday.  I managed to peel the melted card off the window but in the process lost all the numbers and the magnetic strip.  Bugger. The card is however very clean but unfortunately it is also ruined. It is such a pity that my awesomeness (see previous blog post) did not even last a full month.  A quick google search proves however that I am in company with making this stupid mistake...
and that cookies is yet again the the answer to another of life's problems :-) hahahahahha

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