Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Good Luck or Am I Awesome?


Ok, I was stoked at the weekend to arrive back to the UK from my trip to the USA and to find that the ceiling in my new apartment had not fallen down (see photos from the disaster from last summer).  Unlike my last vacation, there was no email message relaying the news of destruction...

"Morning Jane,

When our contractors attended to change the sash chords to your windows, it was discovered that part of the ceiling had collapsed over your bed and personal belongings. I have instructed our contractors to secure the ceiling and make good the damage with new plasterboard and a skim of plaster and to also tidy your room as much as possible without disturbing or moving any more than they have to. They will place any damaged items to one side as we do not want them to remove anything. I have also asked that they brush down all your furniture and bedding and leave it as neat and tidy as possible.

Please see attached photograph of damage to both the ceiling and your room. I understand that you may be alarmed by the contents of this email and the attached photographs, however we have the matter in hand and our contractors will be carrying out remedial works prior to your return which will hopefully minimise the disruption to you.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards..."

This time when I arrived home I did find that randomly my laptop computer had a cracked screen. How odd is that?  I mean, I live alone so there are no roommates who could have broken it by mistake. I have no pets. The laptop was left on my bedroom floor so there was no chance that it could have fallen off something.  Very odd indeed!  I used my iPad to find out how much a replacement would cost and it was over 100 pounds (you'd think I'd have realised that it would be sensible to have household contents insurance but still I don't have any coverage).   It is an older model and a netbook but I really do love it.  Anyway I figured that it must be possible to just replace the screen and surely I could save a little moola if I did this myself rather than take it to the repair shop.  And so I went online and googled the make and model (MSI Wind u100). I found the part I needed to order on Amazon. I used a gift card that I have been given from work for Christmas and 30 pounds of my own money and 48 hours later I have the new part.  Using my immense skills I was able to disassemble my laptop and switch out the screen.  The device still works!  Miracles :-)    Now, I'm not saying that I will/should give up my day job but I am saying that for this hour at least I am temporarily awesome. haha.   I also highly recommend my supplier 

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