Sunday, 6 November 2011


Trip to Wales... and now I feel homesick

Last Friday I caught the train from Paddington Station to Wales. Luckily  I managed to score myself a forward facing seat with a table. I'd hoped to do some paper work during the 4 hour journey but soon found the journey too bumpy so made do with reading the newspaper on my new Ipad 2 (thanks to Guardian for 83 free newspaper editions) and sleeping!

I spent a fab 2 nights in Wales with great mates.  It is always awesome to get out of London and see some big wide open spaces. I feel quite claustrophobic in the big city where I have to crane my neck to see the sky over top of the buildings and even then it is often just a dull grey (moan, moan, moan).  The bright green grass combined with the blue sky and sheep all reminded me of home.  What a fabulous part of the world the Swansea area is.

Margam Castle, Port Talbot

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  1. i very much liked Wales too.

    Great to travels.

    Love the iPad