Monday, 27 June 2011

London - Spring Time


It's 28 degrees today in London. A gentle breeze with perfect blue skies. Today London is beautiful. I spent a large chunk of the afternoon lazing under the trees in a park in Hampstead Heath.  I have a new Lonely Planet guide to read and a couple of  books by Patrick Leigh Fermor to devour before my big eastern Europe adventures begin but I didn't find the atmosphere in the park conducive to reading.  People started packing in and sitting very close.  It soon became difficult to avoid overhearing conversations, being nibbled or slobbered on by wandering dogs and so instead I people watched. I love people watching. There were badminton games, cricket balls thrown, picnics, kids learning to walk, throw, run.  Overheated, I had a great excuse to stop off for ice cream on the way home.

When Mum stayed she planted up some found boxes with herbs and flowers.  I've nurtured them for the past 6 weeks and each day when I pull up my blinds I am greeted by these amazing flowers :-)
Flower Box
These are right by my bed

Reclaimed flower box and my Buddha
The boxes were 'reclaimed' when the neighbour threw them away.  The one with the pink flowers in it is actually a hat box.

Flower box on my window ledge
 View from the street.  Some of the herbs have turned to flowers but they still look pretty!

Flower box on my ledge

These pots are on the front door step.

I was given flowers on Friday. I am not good at arranging them and don't have a decent vase but they are still colourful!

I have moved my sofa... I should perhaps have also made by bed before I took the photo.  My bright and cheerful home :-)

My invitation to the Royal Garden Party arrived!

 I am very excited!


  1. Stunning. Great to see you have got things well sorted.

  2. All thanks to my Mum! My wee place is starting to feel more like a home... a very hot home today as temperatures have soared to 32 degrees.