Sunday, 29 May 2011

LONDON - BBC Studios

'Blue' and Blue Peter

I am so excited to have scored my 2nd Blue Peter badge in just 6 months!  I was on the BBC studio set to chaperon students who participated in the taping of the children's show 'Blue Peter'.  The location for the shoot was the famous Blue Peter garden and the episode included the band Blue (remember them from the movie 'Love Actually'?).  They were guests on the show to promote their upcoming role as the UK representatives in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Between takes, I got to talk with the band members. I haven't quite decided which of the band members is my favourite and but Antony Costa seemed the most down to earth and was really chatty with the kids.  As my knowledge of British pop relates back to 2002 when I was last here, I have since read up more about the band and their activities of late and perhaps they're not the best role models!
On the Blue Peter set with the band 'Blue'
 Antony Costa
Duncan James
Lee Ryan
Simon Webbe
 It was very cool though to see how a television show is made.  Here it is:

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