Friday, 25 February 2011


After 3 days of searching and calling random people, I finally found my friend Leah who I could not locate in Christchurch.  It is like a miracle.  An insane feeling.  I'm overwhelmed with emotions. So happy to find her and that she is safe, yet also devastated that her dad said she has lost her home.  Combine all this with being overwhelmed by the devastation and loss that others are experiencing at this time and I am a bit of a wreak.  News updates from Christchurch are not hopeful and I wonder what the next few days holds for the city as we all await the recovery and the announcements of names.  It is times like this that needlessly remind me again that what is important in life is relationships and family.  Makes me question why I choose to live so far from home.


  1. Hi Jane! I am so happy to find you and much more to know that you and your family are fine. I am so sad about the families that have lost their loved ones....
    In September when there was another earthquake I have been looking for you. I am so glad to find you Jane!

    Our prayers are for all people in NZ.

  2. Hello Nona,
    It has been so long since I heard from you! How are you? Where are you working now?
    Yes, the earthquake in NZ was devastating and I was very lucky that none of my family was affected. Thank you for your kind words
    Love Jane