Tuesday, 6 October 2009

AUSTRALIA - Canberra

The Whanau Visits Canberra

Oh I'm all homesick now after saying goodbye to my stepbrother and his family. They came to stay with at university for two nights.  We had such a fabulous time.  It was great to have people to hang out with, go to dinner with and obviously heaps and heaps of laughs too.  We ended up gate crashing the rugby league grand final up at the other dorms as our tv wouldn't work. We looked a right bunch turning up with our cheese platter, salsa and tortilla chips and bags of popcorn while the teenagers at the dorm sat their drooling and then rushed back to their rooms to get beer at half time.  Then we go to participate in a fire drill. Very exciting with the trucks and firemen.  Unfortunately they then turned all the gas service off to the building and so my planned BBQ was ruined. The next day we went at played a Questicon.  It is a giant science playground really. Lots of gadgets for the kids to touch.  There is this slide called Free Fall which I didn't go on. You hang from an overhead pole and then just let go (hence the free fall part) and fall until you hit the slide and slide down.  Little kids were doing it so it couldn't have been dangerous but it sure looked scary!

We went up the Telstra Tower for the most amazing views over the city.  Dinner was a Traders in Dickson.  We ate in a tram carriage!  Today we went to the War Memorial Museum. We rushed around in an hour and half. You could easily spend days there.  They have amazing interactive exhibits like a bomber plane that you stand in and it vibrates and there is a screen that opens up on the floor as though you are actually in the plane getting ready to drop the bombs.  So much to see there and entry was by gold coin donation.
Classes start back next week. I have mountains of work to do before then though.  Only one more month until the end of the semester.

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