Friday, 8 May 2009


Yet another birthday crept up on me this week... I'm getting older every year!
Last week they held the annual Spring Bazaar and work. I packed up all my junk (stuff that isn't worth shipping back down under) and sold it off and came home in the afternoon with a tidy sum of money which of course will all be blown as soon as I get back home and have access to a shopping mall.
In the corner of my lounge room I now have a grown heap of wall hangings, carpets and stuff that I have collected on my journeys that all needs to be boxed up by the shippers when they come in a few weeks to haul my possessions off.  I'm a big ahead of the gun as I have 5 weeks left here in Tashkent but I am really excited to move on to the next phase of my life.  There is so many other things that needing doing in the time that I have left here... more strawberries to eat, photographs to take, university assignments to complete, report cards to write, and 2 open bottles of liquor that need consuming.  Perhaps if I reverse the order of that checklist I might get more done (the photographs might be a little more interesting too)!
As for my plans after here, well I've applied for university accommodation for July but I'm not holding out much hope as they offer rooms up to undergraduates and international students first.  I'll just arrive a few weeks early I guess and take my chance with private renting. I'm now on the hunt for an internship from Nov - end of February.  I'm so excited about trying out something different.

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