Friday, 22 August 2008


At 1:30 pm today we had what felt like to me a big earthquake here in Tashkent. Everything is ok here at schol but it sure did scare the crap out of me. It was the first ever earthquake that I have felt (I was in an earthquake in 1994 in Los Angeles, USA but didn't feel it as was having a pillow fight at the time). The local staff tell me that this was a really unusual earthquake as it was loud and exploded like a bomb. Apparently usually they build up intensity and feel like a wave - this one didn't.
My kids we at PE and I was sitting at my desk when I heard what I thought was a massive bomb explosion. Then the walls started moving and the ceiling made huge cracking sounds. It seemed to last for about 10 seconds. I sat here like a stunned mullet before getting over under the doorway. they evacuated the building in case there were aftershocks. there haven't been any more yet and we returned back to class about 20 minutes later. The kids said that the playing field felt like it was dancing. The weird thing is that although it seemed like everything was moving, there was no damage to the school.
Life here is certainly an adventure.I hope that there wasn't any damage at my apartment which is on the 3rd floor and certainly less well constructed.


  1. Thank you for your post. This is the case when you can get news only from a blogger.
    My Mom is in Tashkent now and she does not have any idea what really happened: explosion or earthquake.
    I could find information about it only on However, when the uzbek commentator said that
    'such earthquake is very usual for Tashkent area' I could not trust him. Hopefully, some other agencies will provide reliable information soon. Enjoy your time in Tashkent!

  2. I am sure that your mother is ok. I returned home to my apartment this morning and there was no damage except plaster fallen off the halls in the stairs and books off shelves. A vase of flowers had tipped onto the floor and my pictures on the wall are all crooked. Other's report that they have some cracks in their walls. From what I saw of the city on my taxi ride home, there was very little damage.

  3. Hi
    It is very strange; I am from Tashkent, but leaving in the UK now.
    Heard about the earthquake and was surprised that nothing is on the World Earthquakes site… this is not possible

  4. Hi Boris,
    I know. It is very strange how it isn't mentioned or showing on any of the sites that record earthquakes. The only news reports state that is was a 6 on a 12 point scale. I guess that they don't have any equipment here to record on the richter scale or more likely that the information is not being reported... no BBC, CNN o the ground here etc.

  5. Hi, still I can not find any reasonable explanation why it has not been reported anywhere...
    My Mum still in Tashkent, and I am trying to keep an eyes on, if you will have any news please post it here.
    Thanks in advance,

  6. Hi Kiwi, I find your blog very interesting and unique as one cannnot find anything similar about Tashkent and/or Uzbekistan in the net at all. I have an Uzbek girlfriend who is right now in Tashkent. I very hope to have her back here in the country we are living together. By the way, seeing the links you are posting here... nejseš Čech-Češka??

  7. hi anonymous
    do you anybody who knows more about this earthquake. Some friends of mine were there and it felt like an underground explosion but not an earthquake! Also there was no other little earthquake afterwards

  8. Hi JP, sorry do not know anything about it. I am not living in Uzbekistan.The thing that now news site informed about it is quite strange I must say...normally, all the world knows immediately after something similar happens in few minutes.I just heard about it from my friend directly from Uzbekistan and no other details. Sorry.

  9. hey yea that was a big earthquake. my school, everyone was like "whoa" coz this is definately NOT a normal thing to happen. well obviously there are strong earthquakes areound here, but not as scary as that one. my teacher, we were having french, just looked all scared until the earthquake passed and then another teacher evacuated us :D

  10. I am living in Tashkent also and i felt the earthquake too.This is the only site i could find any info about it.its weird

  11. yesterday at midnight we had another earthquake...

  12. Sorry, I only just saw your message. Hope everything was ok. Make sure you have an evacuation route planned and an emergency bag of 'stuff' sorted including water. Know where your passport is! All the best to you.