Sunday, 29 September 2013

Images of Hong Kong Kong - My 2 Month Anniversary Of Moving Here

The 26th of the month passed me by without noticing and so I missed the opportunity to mark the two month anniversary of the day I arrived in this amazing city/country/region.  What a hell of a ride this adventure has been so far! 

My time here began so well with a luxurious two weeks in a 5 star hotel. From the comfort of this base I was able to focus on securing and furnishing an apartment and starting a new job.  I was also able to meet a whole bunch of amazing new colleagues and plant the seeds for growing friendships.  It wasn't long after this initial orientation period that I needed to call on these acquaintances to help through what has been one of the most physically and emotionally difficult times for me.  I'm hoping now not to jinx the situation, but doctors tell me there are good signs I am on the mend.  What started out as an ill timed bout of bronchitis quickly escalated to the potential for more sinister diagnoses. An operation, numerous scans and procedures and many antibiotics later, I hope soon to have the physical strength and energy to return to work and to explore the sights of Hong Kong that the many new friends who visit me have described.  

I am positive I can regain my health. I am positive I will flourish here in Hong Kong. I am also positive that I am going to enjoy living here. Below are some images I have captured in my first two months! I love this place :-)

The weather is always fantastic in Hong Kong
Hello Kitty bus in Hong Kong

Special birthday hedgehog steam buns. Cute and delicious!

The view from Matilda Hospital down the Peak in Hong Kong

Kim Jong Il is alive and well driving a taxi in Hong Kong
Cows wait for  buses in Sai Kung

New clothes anyone? 

Great name for a funeral service, Hong Kong

The view from my roof, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Love the street names in Hong Kong

High Rises in Hong Kong

Keeping Hong Kong Tidy 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Sporting Chance - The 2013 America's Cup

Pushing aside my nagging doubts, Team New Zealand still has a chance to win the 2013 America's Cup. Weeks of early morning starts  (viewing races live in Hong Kong means 3:45am risings) has worn my patience thin, causing my commitment to the cause to waiver at times.  Coming back from 8-3 down, the American defenders, on their boat Oracle, have put up a tough fight. Oracle's boat looks faster and their decision making on the water, led by Olympic hero Ben Ainslie, looks superb. The series is now tied 8-8 which means the next race is winner takes all.  I am nervous!

I'm now so emotionally and physically invested in the outcome of the finally race tomorrow that I can not bring myself to not set the alarm and drag myself out of bed in the dead of the night to watch the action unfold in San Francisco.  Judging by my twitter feed, the rest of New Zealand feels the same way I do.

My favourite place - at the beach on Rabbit Island, New Zealand
Despite being strongly drawn to the ocean, I am not myself adept at water sports. One could assume that growing up on an island, and having spent all of my youth on or near the water, that I would be at home on the sea.  Unfortunately, sea sickness - the motion of the ocean, is the ruination of my aspiring Olympic career or round the world yachty.  It's one more reason why I admire the people out there (where are the female crew though?) - in all weather they are out there slogging it.  I hope the Team New Zealand crew are able to uplifted by the support that they are getting all around the world from us landlubbing Kiwi supporters.


Monday, 23 September 2013

Dodging A Typhoon

In early hours of Monday morning, typhoon Usagi skirts the edges of Hong Kong.  Viewing from My taped up apartment windows, I can see little evidence of effects of a typhoon.  The winds have dropped right back with barely a stir in the branches of the trees in the urban parks below.  Rain continues to fall heavily but in the town centre of Sai Kung, it does not appear to have caused any flooding.  The concern at the moment is the tides and the full streams coming off the surrounding mountains as it passes through small villages.  Have we dodged the big one?

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hong Kong vs Typhoon Usagi - Blogging the Storm As It Hits Sai Kung

An 11pm sojourn to my 12th roof top for the unique experience of hosting a one person ice cream party during a T8 typhoon, revealed strong winds and bucketing rain.  Some of the fence palings on a dividing wall had come loose and we're laying around. I was able to collect them up before they became missiles flying over Sai Kung when the wind is meant to ramp up later tonight.  The neighbour's potted tree has also taken a tumble. It must weigh 20 kg - shows how strong the winds are already.

Pepped up from a sugar rush of Ube flavoured ice cream, I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood. I took some photos of my iPhone 4S of the effects of the typhoon so far.

A downed tree outside Block A in Central Sai Kung, Hong Kong
Sai Kung McDonalds remains open during Typhoon Usagi
Driving rain - wet wet wet in Sai Kung during Typhoon Usagi

Usagi Is Now A Category T8 Typhoon - Blogging from Hong Kong

Night has fallen upon Hong Kong as typhoon Usagi inches closer to the Chinese coast line. At 7pm the Hong Kong Observatory regraded Typhoon Usagi as a T8.  This level means that all shops, public transport and schools are closed.  Everyone has been advised to seek shelter and to keep away from windows. The winds have definitely picked up significantly and rain pelts my windows.
I took a short video of Sai Kung before the sun went down at 6:30pm.  Winds at that point were gusty and there was a reprieve in the rain which had fallen for much of the day.
So far, I am safe and sound. The wind is whistling around the building but not causing too much noise and not damage, yet.